“You can’t get to your dream, you must come from it”

Mary Morrissey

Making a Decision for what you LOVE

DreamBuilder is all about living with purpose, passion, fun and full of energy.

During this course, you will discover …

  • Your dream matters. No matter whether other people think it’s too big, or too small, or not significant enough.
  • Define what it is that you really want by looking at your longings and discontents.
  • Overcoming obstacles and learn to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.
  • What courage really is and how to make sure your fear is never bigger than your dream.

During our time together, either 1-on-1 or in group settings, you’ll learn what it feels like to infuse each day with fun, freedom and fulfillment. My mentor, Mary Morrissey, has put over 30 years of studying the principles of success together and designed Dreambuilder so you can learn how to live from the vision of what you would love rather than the circumstances in your current life.

Every client I’ve taken through has changed their lives in incredible ways like becoming a a calmer and more present parent, a more patient and loving partner, or more confident in their career, doing work that feels important and fulfilling.

If you are tired of feeling stuck and you’re ready to surround yourself with amazing support, get in touch now to schedule a Discovery Call to see if this is the right programme for you to design your dreams and achieve results in a relatively short period of time.

Dreambuilder is the perfect programme for anyone who has a business they want to grow, a relationship they want to create, or a big idea they want to turn into reality.

The programme consists of 16 lessons you listen to over 12 weeks, a workbook, and 12 one-on-one, or group coaching calls.   

Tjitske is a certified Dreambuilder Coach® and Life Mastery Consultant® who was personally trained by Mary Morrissey at the Life Mastery Institute®.

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